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   AirCon pneumatic and Pro-Torq electric actuators represent the best price/quality relationship for valve automation on the market today. Additionally, in combination with unique ISO 5211 type universal mounting kits designed to accommodate all valve mounting patterns with couplers machined to fit standard ball and butterfly valves, as well as blank couplers that can be machined to fit specialty valve dimensions, AirCon provides a cost effective alternative to specialty bracket kit manufacturers.

   AirCon also offers automated ball and butterfly valve packages, assembled, tested, and shipped in one to two days. This eliminates the industry practice of sourcing all the typical valve automation components from individual component manufacturers and all of the complications associated with that practice: getting individual quotes for each component, ordering, waiting for delivery, freight charges from each manufacturer, the staff costs required to purchase, assemble and test the packages, and having to deal with each manufacturer in the event of a problem with their component.

   AirCon is the sole source supplier and as such represents and guarantees that if any problems occur they are ready and prepared to solve the problem. Lastly, when compared to other valve automation options AirCon is one of the most cost effective suppliers.

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